Why People Love Chocolate

There are all sorts of different reasons as to why people love chocolate so much.

They will say it is because of the exquisite taste.

Or that it adds a small piece of luxury to an otherwise dull and boring day.

Or perhaps they enjoy the sensory delight of chocolate as it melts in their mouth.

Or perhaps they are simply addicted.

One thing that cannot be disputed is that the popularity of chocolate is increasing.

Alternative Uses of Chocolate

Teeth can be kept healthy by using a toothpaste made from the cocoa bean. A researcher at Tulane university, Arman Sadeghpour, says that an extract can be used to keep human teeth healthy. Cocao has been used in the past as currency. It might some day power vehicle engines with hydrogen, by using E. Coli…

Types of Chocolate

There are several variations of chocolate treats. Milk Chocolate contains at least 10% chocolate liquor, 12 % milk solids, cocoa butter, sugar and vanilla. Sweet and semi sweet chocolate contain from 15% to 35% cocoa, and are sometimes called dark chocolate, a favorite among desert makers. Bittersweet chocolate contains up to 50% cocoa content, and…

About Chocolate

The chocolate world began back in Central and South America at least 2000 years ago, and it may be older than that. What we know today as chocolate is made from a bean called the cacao bean. In ancient Aztec times the beans were so cherished that they were used as currency to buy other…

The Temptation of Chocolate

What is it about chocolate that makes people crave for it so much? Well chocolate is kind of tempting – Understandably so because it has an exquisite luxurious taste and and texture that makes you feel oh so good. The list of things that chocolate can do makes it seem like a wonder drug. Chocolate…